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Bugger this, let's get a beer.


Summer of Live Music 

Live Music line up for the next few weeks. And its free. How good is that.

Tuatara "ITI" Low alc and big taste I

This is the best tasting 2 stroke we have ever tasted. At 3.3% you can afford to have a couple and still have your full faculties. Try one and you wont be disappointed.


Very Trippy!

We're stoked to be a Trip Advisors No 1 recommended destination in Matakana. Come in and see what the fuss is about.

Guest Beer of the Month 


The new MACS Green Beret IPA is the guest beer of the month in December. We also have Liberty Oh Brother back on tap. Our second batch of matakana Red Bulldozer is about to come out of the conditioning vat up at the Sawmill so we look forward to the best beer in the world hitting our taps again soon. Come and get a dozer or two during the summer.


Seagull Fun

We're on YouTube!

Watch out MTV, we're on Youtube. Click here to check out the new vid.


Emmersons Beer is here -The famous Emersons Beer family has come to Matakana. We have opened up a tap for Emersons Bookbinder which is a mighty amber ale and Pilsner is also now on tap. Two of the best beers in NZ in our humble opinion. 


Sawmill Stout now on tap.
In keeping with our vision for offer beer lovers high quality craft beers from the local region and around NZ we now have the delicious and chocalatey Sawmill Stout on our craft tap. Our mates Mike and Kirsty Sutherland make 5  great beers only 10 minutes from Matakana at their boutique brewery at Leigh. We also have their 12 Guage strong lager and their Dopplebock Belgiun dark in 500 ml bottles and Pilsner is in a 330ml can. 

Matakana. Pub, Dining.

Wine on tap at The Matakana

The Matakana Village Pub is pursuing sustainability in all aspects of its business, there is less impact on the environmental to produce glass bottles, corks, paper labels and wine boxes. The Matakana Village Pubs ethos is about respecting the world and doing what we can to care for our environment and beverages supply chain. Minimising our carbon footprint is a key goal, so we are pleased to announce to our eco-minded guests the installation of the KeyKeg wine delivery system. This revolutionary one-way wine keg, is made of recycled plastics and eliminates both wasted road transport and fuel that would be used to return the keg to be refilled. We are thrilled to offer our guests an alternative way to drink great wine while keeping sustainability and the environment in mind. Wine from the keg is currently served on tap in the main bar giving guests the option to sample the beautiful rich Central Otago Pinot Noir that we have named “the Doctors Medicine”.

The Story

Built in 1903 in the what has become the heart of Matakana Village, The Matakana is a bit of an institution. Its been through several changes in its long life. It was built from the timber of a single kauri tree by the village post master and after his death became a boarding house for dairy factory workers. It was a restaurant of note in the 80's run by a Frenchman with a michelin star tatooed on his rump. Three farming couples and three city couples revitalised and upgraded the old girl in 2012 into a cool, relaxed and family friendly village pub. Duncan and Hannah Anderson and their partners vision is to provide a relaxed friendly environment, with fantastic service and a great selection of wines, beers and fresh food at really good value.

Settle In

Drop in for a beer, or settle in for the afternoon in our garden bar for a glass of locally-produced wine, a plate of oysters or a hand made burger. Listen to live music or dine with us and try our extensive food and drinks menu including the best steaks in the north. The new menu is out now so come and check it out.


Try our husband creche. Is he getting on your nerves? why not leave him with us while you shop. Free sitting, pay only for his drinks..




Hey Dog - Meet Nelson 

We meet some cool customers at the Matakana but yound Nelson is one of the coolest yet. Pop in one weekend and you might be lucky enough to meet him.


Visit us

Come and chill out on New Zealand day at the Matakana. There's no silly surcharge with us. Just good old fashioned hospitality.


You can be old fashioned and drop in personally , or go new fangled and log in to Facebook here. We are also on Youtube and instagram too! Our hashtags are #matakanavillagepub or #matakanapub

Meet the team

Wardy - Great Customer & Supplier

Meet Wardy. He hails from Hawkes Bay and is a great friend of the Matakana. He supplies us a bit of wine from his Clearview Vineyard in the bay and he can find the best Wagyu beef in NZ. He and Duncan and some mates were in Fiordland recently and Wardy came across these monsters in 10 ft of water so he tackled them on his snorkel. Legend !!



Lucky he hasny got his diving ticket - he would slay them !!